The questions below are about what you already do at home. Answering them takes a little bit of effort, but other people have found this very helpful.

Think back over the past week and choose the answers that best describe your situation. Please choose one option, by selecting the label or circle, for each activity.

Over the last week:
A man reading a book alone in a room by an open window
How often did you spend time in a room on your own?
Two household members relaxing in the living room 2 metres apart from each other
When you were with them, how often were you more than 2 metres/6 feet away from the people you live with?
Cleaning away germs on a tap using disinfectant
How often did you clean things that might have viruses on them?
A parcel accompanied by a ‘stop’ symbol
How often did you put something aside for at least 1 day that might have viruses on it?
A woman wearing a face-covering
How often did you wear a face covering when you were in the same room as other people?

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