It’s great news that COVID-19 vaccinations are being rolled out. And having the vaccine makes you much less likely to become seriously ill.

Below are some ideas to help you protect yourself at different times during the vaccination process:

1) When you go to have your vaccination

  • Follow the instructions you have been given for using face masks and hand sanitiser, and keeping as far apart as possible from other people.
  • Think carefully about how you travel to the vaccination centre and back. For example, if you will be getting a lift with someone from outside your household, wear a mask and ask them to open windows before you get in.

2) When you come home afterwards

  • Wash or dispose of masks or gloves, and then wash your hands with soap and water.

3) For 2-3 weeks after your vaccination

  • Keep being just as careful as before you had the vaccine, because it takes time for the vaccine to start protecting you.

4) Three weeks after your first vaccine

When a large number of people have been vaccinated there will be less of the virus around. But while we wait for the vaccine to roll-out to everyone, it is still important to protect ourselves because:

  • Vaccines are not 100% effective. Some people will still become ill even after receiving the vaccine.
  • If you have been vaccinated and you catch COVID-19, you are less likely to become ill, but you might still infect the people you live with.

There is more information about how to reduce your risk of catching or spreading Covid-19 in this website.