Children love getting their hands dirty playing games, in the garden or painting. If you can make handwashing part of these things they will be more likely to do it. 

    • Make a reward system for the number of times hands are washed – you could make it into a game so that children keep track of their handwashing and get a prize if they meet their plan.
    • Lead by example – show your children how and when to wash their hands by doing it with them. You could even make it a competition with all your family and the one who washes their hands the most wins.
    • Sing songs whilst washing hands – then it becomes fun and is easy to do for at least 20 seconds.
    • Give your children their own soap – that way it seems special and belongs to them. There are lots of soaps in bright packets and with interesting smells. Or you could put a picture of their favourite cartoon character on or near it.
    • Use hand gel – for children who are too young to wash their hands try wiping hand gel on them, then they will grow up being used to keeping their hands clean.

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